Sacré Bleu – The Holiday Preview

Hey Kids, here’s the first few chapters and sections of Sacre Bleu, which will come out April 3. Be sure to check out the Chapter Blog, which will cover the whole book when it’s released.Happy Holidays! Have a great year, and thanks for the enthusiasm and support. – Chris

This is not the final cover, but it is the design that readers picked as their favorite.

Chapter 1 guide

Chapter 2 Guide

Sacré Bleu will be in stores April 3, 2012- Check my Facebook or for my tour schedule and any updates. Happy holidays. Thanks for helping me along on this great adventure.


41 thoughts on “Sacré Bleu – The Holiday Preview

  1. Thank you !!!!!! I eagerly await 4/3. But what shall I reread in the interim to prepare? Biff or Fool, I think.

    Merry Christams and Happy New Year!

  2. Only Mr. Moore’s art could draw me away from the festive preparations for my Family’s Christmas. I see you have done it again,Sir. I don’t want to ever grow used to the surprise and joy I receive when reading your work. May you continue to inform, amaze, and move we humble, grateful fans. (I got a bunch ‘o Family coming any minute)…Happy Holiday’s Christopher, and Well Done. 🙂 j’adore. c’est magnifique!

  3. Bravo!!! 2 great chapters to distract me from the mess that is Christmas. But why do Bowler Hats always appear on bad guys?

  4. Merci, mon amour! That was delicious, and a much better dessert than anything else we might have eaten here at the family homestead. You truly are, as they say, magnifique!

  5. C’est magnifique! I was immediately drawn into the story, wrapped up in the characters. Thanks for the Christmas sneak-peek, Christopher, but it’s going to be really hard to wait until April. And the Art Deco Mucha-style cover — why didn’t you go with that one? It’s beautiful…

  6. only 96 more days! WOOT!

    am loving it already and will be studying up on great painters of paris during the wait!

    thanks for a great christmas present – now for an early spring!

  7. Grande!!!!
    merry crisis end happy new war!
    hehehe..I’m joke!! or not????
    when you come in Italy????
    I wait to you like a star on Betlemme…….
    sorry for my bad english….
    goodbye & good luck

  8. Fantastically Chris! I just love you Chris! Thank you so much, what a perfect Christmas gift……and my favorite. Painfully awaiting the opportunity to hold the book in my hands, and terribly excited at the thought of spending time with you while on tour! You are a gift….

  9. MY GOSH.
    When’s the tour?! When’s the tour?!
    Please come to the south-bay, or Santa Monica, Pasadena, LA, or wherever!
    I haven’t not seen you since the Bite Me tour in Pasadena and I need more Moore! Your work is incredible, and this is one of your best so far!
    Please keep me updated on any tour schedule!

  10. loved it!
    little point, road at base of monmarte in area of pigalle and moulin rouge is blvd de clichy. ave de clichy is west of there between place de clichy and port de clichy metro stops. paris streets are most confusing how they change names so many times. the area etween blanche and abbesses metro stops is so wonderfully alive and a little bit scary!

    • The street names were changed a number of times during writing the book. Often the copy editor would change them to conform to the modern map, while I might have had used an 1890s map. I think what resulted was fair mish-mash of street names, but I think we got close. Likewise the Arrondisements get mixed around, as some of the neighborhoods, like the Marais or the Latin Quarter, aren’t completely contained in one Arrondisement, or one might be in one Arrondisment, yet the station one walks into is “technically” in the next. I’m sure Parisians and historians will have a field day with the inaccuracies, but there have been a lot of changes in Paris over the last 120 years, and to fact check every setting would have been close to impossible (because many, like Gauguin’s apartment, later on in the book, are simply conjured from imagination so I might make a comment about hearing the orchestra at the Follies Bergere playing into the wee hours). Art, she is a fickle bitch, no?

      • thanks for the reply! i didn’t even think about the possibility of the names changing over the last century or so – dohh.
        i only really noticed it because we were staying near parc monceau and i made a day out of running around the big butte. everyone likes a big butte. montmarte has a throbbing, messy vitality, that i really never found anywhere else in my brief time there. there’s definitely vitality and messes, but nowhere is it all rolled up into a perfectly pungent p-word patisserie, ooo-lah freakin’ lah! please have your way with ze beotch, as you are a true artiste, bien sur.

  11. Oh my goodness! I was already sucked into the story and then BAM! the preview is over. 🙁 It’s going to be a long winter, waiting for April to come so I can get the book! Great job and please don’t ever stop writing! 🙂

  12. Sitting in library today pouring over Chemistry notes for upcoming exam when I glanced over and saw Coyote’s paperback winking at me. Realized I hadn’t heard of any new CMoore books in awhile (went through a binge last spring where I read all in several months), so tearing myself away from ever-so-exciting Chemistry I Bing’d and voila! Sacre-Bleu is due!! Can’t wait…will be pre-ordering via public library ASAP!!

  13. The English is smooth. It is brilliant. It is excellent canvas. All encompassing. I am so proud of you. And that blue goddess on the cover should be great 🙂

  14. I’m looking forward to receiving my pre-ordered copy. I just hope that the paper quality is better than the acidic pulp your publisher used on your last several books. (The paper quality of those was disrespectful to the author, the reader, and to the book collector.)

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