It’s Christopher Moore, author guy, here you’ll find all kinds of goofy stuff relating to art, comedy, the French, and stuff that obliquely relates to my book Sacré Bleu (April 2012). Check back for new stuff, this will be changing as I learn new stuff.


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  1. Hi there!

    This looks not so bad but I’m a little bit confused as I know you’ve already finished the book and also by the fact that all posts seem to have been published on the same day sometime last week. However, on a first glance it looks like to be read from top to bottom (oldest to newest) so I’ll just stroll along with you through the past and your Paris. And maybe compare a little with my Paris 😉

  2. Kayso, my stripey socks are rocking at the thought of your new book and I’m signed up for the fucking ARC so I can read it before some other people, but you know that bookbloggers are sort of the bottom of the “let’s send ARCs to people who will say nice things” pile so I’ll probably get it, like, 2 days AFTER it’s published, but I will read every word and love it because, well, as I already said, you rock my stripey socks.

  3. I’ll be picking up 2 copies of this one as soon as it comes out. Otherwise, it will be a fight to the death between my son and myself to see who gets to read it first! You are brilliant. I hope you are enjoying every minute of your life, doing what you love and stopping to admire the beauty of the world. For all the pleasure you bring to others, you deserve it!

  4. Can’t wait for Sacre Bleu! Your books have helped me throughout the most difficult moments in my life (from first heart-break to my grandmother’s death). I think I just can’t thank you enough for it. Keep the good work and the laughs… there is nothing better than a book that makes you laugh AND think and you fall on both categories!

  5. hi! I read a little on the amazon page about “Sacré Bleu” (slowly making its way to me) and your writing on the color blue that appears there made me curious: did you ever hear that blue is a strong symbol for the Latin-american Modernists? I thought you may get a kick of knowing, if you did not already, that the foundational work of their literary movement is called “Azul” (“Blue”, by Rubén Darío) and was first published in 1988. Hoping you at least get a smile from this and that you and yours are very well.

    • Sacre Bleu is actually entitled AZUL in Brazil, but no, I didn’t know that about South American Modernists. I stopped most of my research at about 1905 on the time line to keep it manageable.

      • sorry, I’m an idiop and made a typo; Rubén Darío’s Azul was published in 1888, 2 years before van Gogh’s death and smack in the middle of your timeline 🙂 (the monicker Modernist was given to them when they were the tip of the spear, aaaaaaaages ago!), so blue was BIG then, in colour and word, it seems.
        VERY much looking forward to getting my hands on your newer works (I got to meet you whilst living in Boston, but back in Mexico, now, so I have to choose between waiting for my sibs to visit, laden, or paying more for transport than for the books) (me, cheapskate). Be VERY well, write tons and tons and have excellent fun.

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