Signed First Editions of Sacre Bleu

Signed First Editions of Sacre Bleu



Sorry, kids, as of 5/15/2012 both Mysterious Galaxy and Books Inc have suspended their shipment of signed firsts of Sacré Bleu. I’ll put up a new link if any become available.

Mysterioius Galaxy will be taking orders for signed first edtions, which will ship after April 10th, when I’m there. Remember, only the first printing of Sacré Bleu will have color art and print. After they it will be in black and white, so jump on these if you’re not near a tour city. If you order before the 8th, these will be the color, first printings.

Signed Sacre Bleu firsts as well as other titles. (Contact store if something you want isn’t listed.) Also, international readers should order from Mysterious Galaxy, below. Their shipping is significantly less expensive for international orders. Yes, including Canada.)

International and Canadian Buyers read this note from Mysterious Galaxy:

Keep in mind that shipping charges for foreign orders are set by the system and are often adjusted down to reflect actual charges. One copy of Chris’s book to Canada is $12.95 and to most of Europe and Australia is $16.95 in a priority envelop according to the USPS website. If the charge to your country is more than $16.95 US, we will contact you.

Signed Firsts from Mysterious Galaxy:



NOTE: Books Inc has suspended taking more orders until after the event, April 3rd, so they’ll be sure to have enough for the event in San Francisco (See Tour Post on this Blog)







35 thoughts on “Signed First Editions of Sacre Bleu

  1. The shameless book whore deep inside is crying out – can’t order the book till I get home tonight – but I wanna order it NOW! *sigh* That said, it WILL be ordered…oh yes, it will.

  2. By far I enjoy your books more than any other author. The in depth embellishments of history and literature with humor makes me laugh so much I cry sometimes. I can’t wait for this edition. Having seen Midnight in Paris I know your books should be made into movies for everyone to enjoy.
    I look forward to my signed first edition.

      • Mysterious Galaxy Checkout will show $45 shipping to Germany, but the actual rate will be $16.95. Their web site hasn’t been fixed to reflect the lower rate, but when the book ships, that’s what will be charged, not $45.00

        • Sorry, I was reading to make sure the shipping price would be adjusted. Will we be charged the $45 for shipping then be reimbursed later due to the adjusted price?

          • They won’t bill your card until the book is shipped, at that point it will be either $12.95 or $16.95. Really sorry about that. I’ve made a lot of noise about them fixing it, but I have no control. The only option is to not ship to Canada and Europe at all, right now.

  3. At the event in Dallas will books be offered or do you get one with your paid ticket? No details are on the event page.

  4. Wher do i fnd a schedule of your tour stops ? If u dont come here will 1st additions be in stores until supplies last ?

  5. HAHA! I’m going to make a drinking game out of the number of people to ask about $45 shipping. I’ll be hammered in no time… and I’m Irish! Thanks for some great reading AND my next party game. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new work!

  6. I just pre ordered your new book at Amazon .com. How can I be sure I will get a signed copy. Please let me know because I already have several copies of your books. I want the signed copy. Please respond to me.

    Yvonne StPierre

    • The Amazon copies won’t be signed. The only way you can be assured to get a signed copy is to order them through Books Inc or Mysterious Galaxy, or come to one of my events. The link for signed firsts is on this blog.

  7. Chris,

    Is there any way to get a personalized, signed book? My daughter has been reading your books since she was 10 and it would be an amazing 16th birthday present. Sincerely, Mark

  8. Chris, Is there any way to get a personalized book? My daughter has been reading your books since she was 10 and a signed book would be an amazing 16th birthday present for her. Sincerely, Mark

  9. How can I tell if Im getting a first addition signed from Books Inc. ? I check out and it is just saying Hardcover is 26.99…..please help!

  10. Are you going to have first editions to sign at your Portland signing on April 4th? If not I need to get an order placed soon. Love your stories. Thanks for the fun. Tim

  11. Aloha Chris,
    I’m an injured Marine (permanently now) from combat in 2005. My sister turned me on to one of your books while I was healing in the hospital (for months & months). I have now read all of your books (that I know of) except this one. they help greatly to get my mind off other things (Pain, trying to live on VA Disability, Pain, Etc). You helped me get through a very hard time in my life… and didn’t even know it!! I wish you were having a signing event here in Hawaii (Kona, or even Oahu since I still have to go to Tripler for medical quite often), as I’d really like to meet you, thank you in person, and actually get a signed first from you (it would be my first first ever… lol). I can be contacted at my email if you ever get out this way. I understand that you do/did live on the islands (I won’t list where in case you still do). Thank you, and hope to hear back. Semper Fi.

  12. I was just wondering if the signed first editions are still available. On Mysterious Galaxy’s site it only says “Hardback Edition” but does not specify First Edition or signed. Is there any way I can be SURE I’m ordering a signed first edition?

  13. Have you given any kind of consideration at all with converting your main site into German? I know a small number of translaters right here that will might help you do it for no cost if you want to get in touch with me.

  14. Sep-2012. Mysterious Galaxy is out of ANY C.M. signed book. Chris, would it be a bother to get them some, pls :)? Thanks in advance from Canada.

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